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Reducing barriers to learning.

The Derby SEND Healthy Minds Network is made up of representatives from Derby City’s Special Schools. Their aim is to improve support for children and young people in Derby City with SEND around their emotional wellbeing.

The following resources have been developed by the Derby SEND Healthy Minds Network to support mainstream schools with their SEND children and families.

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   Autism and the Senses

Many people on the autism spectrum have difficulty processing everyday sensory information. Any of the senses may be over or under-sensitive, or both, at different times. These sensory differences can affect behaviour, and can have a profound effect on a person’s life. There are so m...Read more SEN Back to School Resources have put together a collection of resources to support the transition of children back to school during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. As with all inclusiveteach resources these are free ...Read more

   Supporting bereaved children and young people with SEN

The Child Bereavement Network has collated a helpful list of potential reading available to anyone who is looking to support a child with SEN who has suffered a bereavement. You can download it here: ...Read more

   The Kindness Principle Conference For Derby City Schools

Delivered by Dave Whitaker Free to attend for Derby City Schools. Thursday 30th June 2022 Pride Park Stadium Use the link to book your place; ...Read more

   World Autism Awareness Day

NB Autism Education Trust World Autism Awareness Day is an internationally recognised day taking place on the 2nd of April every year. Although your attention and priorities are no doubt focused on the pandemic and its consequences, we would like to encourage you to find out...Read more