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BBC Live Lesson

Teachers, don’t miss BBC Live Romans Lesson on Monday 27 November, 11am! Grab your class and attempt to solve a mystery 2000 years in the making in this History Live Lesson for 7-11 year olds.

‘Zones of Regulation’

The Zones of Regulation is a curriculum geared toward helping students gain skills in consciously regulating their actions, which in turn leads to increased control and problem solving abilities. Using a cognitive behaviour approach, the curriculum’s learning activities are designed to help students recognise when they are in different states called “zones,” with each of four […]

Curriculum – Herbert and Lohrmann (2011)

The methodologies of teaching and learning that are used in the classroom have a high degree of influence on how effectively emotional and social competences are learned. Herbert and Lohrmann (2011) conducted a content analysis investigating instructional strategies used in ten health education curricula which were research-based and proven via empirical testing, to positively influence […]

Setting ground rules

It is important that before teaching about issues like mental health and emotional wellbeing, clear ground-rules are established, or subsequently reinforced and the concepts of confidentiality and anonymity covered at the start of the lesson. Ground-rules need to be consistently adhered to, regularly revisited and, if necessary, renegotiated and reinforced. The teacher should lead the […]