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Anger management for staff in schools

Much attention is given to the need for school staff to manage student behaviour and anger. This resource from Education Support will cover this, but also how to deal with your own anger and that of colleagues. There is also information on what school leaders can do to support staff.

Derby City White Ribbon Day campaign 2023 A group of 8 male students from across different secondary schools in Derby have come together to create a White Ribbon Day Campaign. White Ribbon Day is an International Day of Awareness where men and boys show their commitment to ending violence against women and girls. White Ribbon UK mark this on 25th November. This […]

A good work-life balance

Anxiety can become a vicious cycle that’s hard to break out of. In a recent survey 29% of people said work was a source of anxiety, so it’s important to keep a healthy work-life balance. Mental Health Foundation have got some useful tips:

How to tackle student anxiety

Primary School Teachers Are you concerned about pupil wellbeing in your school? Check out this FREE ‘how to tackle pupil anxiety’ guide, which includes expert advice and tips to improve pupil wellbeing.

Poetry Teaching Resources

National Poetry Day is on October 5. This years focus is on the theme of refuge. Teaching resources for primary and secondary schools, helping you bring poetry to life in the classroom.,-Added%2018%20Sep&text=On%20Thursday%205%20October%202023,KS3%20(P1%20to%20S3).

Supporting each other:

How staff can help each other with mental health and wellbeing This is a free webinar discussing the importance of good colleague relationships for mental wellbeing. They share successful strategies to enable and encourage positive working relationships.

Creating Hope through Action

World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) was established in 2003 in conjunction with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and is a significant advocacy and communication based event aimed at reaching national organisations, governments and the general public, giving a singular message that suicide can be prevented. WSPD is considered an effective tool in these efforts and the WHO […]

My self-care plan: Primary & Secondary

Anna Freud have put together some wonderful free resources: This #SelfCareSummer plan walks primary and secondary aged children through steps to help them create a simple self-care plan that works for them and to identify activities that they can use to support their mental health over the summer holidays and beyond.