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Monthly Mindfulness For Derbyshire and Derby City Professionals working with Children and Young People and Council Employees: Friday 30 July 2021 – 14:00 -15:00 Fully funded by NHS Derby and Derbyshire CCG and hosted by Martin Burder from the ‘Art of Brilliance’ Be assured, MINDFULNESS is the oldest happiness trick in a very ancient wellbeing book. With the modern world […]

Mindfulness Calendar

Developed by Anna Freud and published through, the Mindfulness Calendar is a fantastic tool comprising of a two-week calendar with daily mindfulness activity suggestions. The simple, short activities encourage children to focus on what’s around them to find a sense of calm. Importantly, this tool can be adapted easily to help children and young people […]

60 Mindful Minutes

This programme, designed by NutureUK, was put together to support children and young people within both the mainstream classroom context and nurture group setting. The key aim is to introduce and practice mindfulness, which increases children’s life skills by supporting them in developing the ability to soothe and calm themselves; to pay attention to themselves in the […]