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Basic Needs

Maslow (1954) suggested that different needs have different priorities and that lower order needs take precedence over higher order needs. If the lower order needs are not met the theory is that this is a major barrier to learning and development of children and young people. In summary, the principle is that individuals will not […]

T.I.C.T (Targeted Intervention Community Triage) – Interim Direct Referral Service

The Targeted Intervention Community Triage has been set up as an interim service to direct referrals from professionals to a range of community providers offering: 1:1 targeted interventions to support children and young people across Derbyshire with low to moderate level mental health needs at this particularly difficult time. 1:1 therapeutic counselling 1:1 peer support sessions via […]

Creative Mentors

What are Creative Mentors? Young people have Creative Mentors for reasons such as exclusion from school, poor school attendance, because they are struggling with behaviour difficulties or perhaps where they are experiencing a significant life challenge (e.g. bereavement, mental health problems or moving foster home). How does it work? Creative Mentoring offers young people one-to-one […]

Meta-cognition and self-regulation

Meta-cognition and self-regulation approaches (sometimes known as ‘learning to learn’ approaches) aim to help learners think about their own learning more explicitly. This is usually by teaching pupils specific strategies to set goals, and monitor and evaluate their own academic development. Self-regulation means managing one’s own motivation towards learning. The intention is often to give […]

Positive Play

Positive Play Support We offer support for vulnerable children and young people using play to raise self-esteem and confidence, to help those young people reach their full potential in life. What do we offer? We offer presentations, training, and ongoing mentoring and support to schools. Our service helps school staff to deliver high quality structured […]