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Fostering gratitude in schools

Gratitude can be fostered in school in the following ways:

  • work it into daily conversation - e.g. saying thank you after paired working in class
  • always find the silver lining - a wet play may be a miserable prospect for some, but find ways to identify how it might have worked out for the best in the end e.g. you got that homework completed, enjoyed a game
  • write class thank you cards where appropriate e.g. thanking parent helpers at the end of the year
  • encourage pupils to appreciate the little things - a smile from a class mate, a new spelling learnt, a healthy meal etc.

Thank you letters

In 2016 The Jubilee Centre organised a competition providing an opportunity for children and young people to write a thank you letter to anyone in their lives. The winning entry was from a girl thanking her younger, adopted brother with Down’s Syndrome for being part of their family and all the benefits that has brought to them.

View the project here.