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Risk factors

Reducing barriers to learning.

Early intervention is essential in supporting a child to cope, preventing escalation and the need for more serious intervention.

One approach to early intervention is assessing a child’s level of risk and protective factors before their behaviour indicates they might have an issue. Using this preventative approach, it is important to recognise that the presence of any one risk factor does not mean that the child is going to develop an emotional or mental health problem. However, two or more combined is likely to increase the risk.

   Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

ACEs are linked to long-term impacts on an individual’s health, wellbeing and life chances. A growing body of research is revealing the extent to which experiences and events during childhood, such as abuse, neglect and dysfunctional home environments, are associated with the development of a ...Read more resources has put together this large repository of resources and information covering a huge range of risk and protective factors for schools to be cognizant of. It can be used to get a general overview, or an in-depth knowledge and further reading. Check it...Read more

   Risk and protective factors

The below diagram has been taken from ' The mental health of children and young people in England ' from Public Health England, which can be found ...Read more