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‘Booksfortopics’.com – Mental Health

The 'BooksForTopics' website was launched in 2015 as a means of helping primary school staff to find high-quality books that are appropriate to use in a primary school setting. It is the creation of Alison Leach, an experienced primary teacher and English lead who knows that it is not always easy to source the right books to use in the classroom amid the time pressures of teaching.

Over time, the number of topic lists increased and the site also began to focus on Reading for Pleasure, with book lists added for each year group and a new Reading for Pleasure Blog featuring the latest children's fiction. More recently, they have been privileged to have contributions from a community of people including teachers, librarians, education lecturers and children's authors. With a panel of 50 reviewers from across the primary education community, they are able to try out new books in a variety of school settings before they recommend them on the website, making sure that they are only recommending the most suitable books for your classrooms.

Check out there mental health list here: