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#Childrensmentalhealthweek – Redwood Primary School

As it's Children's Mental Health Week this week we asked our fantastic Derby City Schools what they're getting up to so we can shine a spotlight on some of the great work in the city. Today we're shining that light on:

Redwood Primary School

The staff at redwood have spent this children's mental health week focusing getting the whole school and all it's pupils to think about mindfulness and mindfulness strategies.

During the week "Relax Kids" (a derby based external agency which you can find more out about here) are coming into Redwood to teach the children some simple to learn but highly effective peer-to-peer massage techniques.

Across the week the pupils at redwood will be also be looking at breathing and how and where we all breathe from, making use of the pupils teddy bears/cuddly toys as a helpful aid.