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T.I.C.T (Targeted Intervention Community Triage) – Interim Direct Referral Service

The Targeted Intervention Community Triage has been set up as an interim service to direct referrals from professionals to a range of community providers offering:

  • 1:1 targeted interventions to support children and young people across Derbyshire with low to moderate level mental health needs at this particularly difficult time.
  • 1:1 therapeutic counselling
  • 1:1 peer support sessions via multi-media platforms.

These free sessions can help children and young people who are registered with a Derbyshire GP who are experiencing depression, low mood, bereavement, stress, panic or anxiety and aims to enable them to cope better and prevent further escalation of issues.

Professionals can make a referral by completing the online referral form. An experienced therapist will contact the child or young person or parent to complete a triage assessment and make individualised recommendations and appropriate onward referrals within 3 working days.

If you need further guidance about the TICT offer and process, please contact your local CAMHS Specialist Community Adviser.

None COVID-19 related referrals can continue to be made into the Build Sound Minds service.

Head over to the Derby and Derbyshire emotional and mental wellbeing toolkit repository site here for more information -