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‘The Big Book Of Blobs’

The Big Book of Blobs, written by Pip Wilson and Ian Long, is a useful (and highly photocopiable(!)) tool for helping Primary and Secondary school children to explore their feelings.

Blob characters are depicted in many different situations which can be used as a springboard for meaningful discussion on a range of issues and topics. The Blobs are often organised into themes of places, issues, occasions and personal development, and include scenarios such as the beach, cinema, city, concert, home, playground, bullying, death, fame, money, parents, romance, sleep, Christmas, Easter, Olympics, body, caring and feelings.

'The Big Book of Blobs' is used regularly at Redwood Primary School by Sue Smith, a learning mentor, who has found it very useful in helping pupils who otherwise struggle to express their feelings open up. The blobs are most useful when used in the initial stages of a conversation or intervention with a pupil, and can help to identify and stimulate a discussion around what that pupil is feeling.

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Please Note: There are differently age appropriate Blobs, whereby some may be seen doing things which you may not consider appropriate, (such as carrying or shooting guns), so make sure to look over the blobs before using them!