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Reducing barriers to learning.

Did you know that 1 in 29 children aged 5-16 in the UK have been bereaved? That’s roughly one pupil per class. While grief itself definitely isn’t an illness, it does increase the risk. Rates of mental health difficulty are 1.5 x higher among bereaved children.

This section contains some tools, links and information designed to help the whole school community support those children and young people who experience a bereavement.

   ‘Badger’s Parting Gifts’

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   ASK email service for Bereaved Children and Young people

Winston's Wish is a specialist bereavement charity which provides a free "Ask Email" service for children of all ages who may need support with a recent bereavement, have any questions about being bereaved, or would prefer not to talk to an adult in their immediate lives directly. The...Read more

   Bereavement Awareness Training – School Staff

Check below for training related to bereavement and bereavement awareness in the school community: The Child Bereavement Network has a dedicated training page which lists upcoming training events and conferences designed...Read more

   Creating Hope through Action

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   Explaining to a child that someone has died

Child Bereavement UK have put together a helpful repository of information, downloadable resources and videos designed to help and guide any carer, parent or teacher in explaining to a child when someone in their lives has died. Check it out here: ...Read more

   How to explain funerals to young children

Child Bereavement UK have put together a short (under 3 minutes) video designed to help parents, carers, teachers and other adults in a young child's life tackle the difficult issue of helping them understand death and funerals. You can watch it here: ...Read more

   Mental Health Training

Mental Health Training for FREE. These training courses teach individuals how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue. The training is delivered both face-to-face and virtual (...Read more

   Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022 ...Read more

   Responding to a death in the School Community

The Child Bereavement Network has put together this helpful list of contacts, further information and statistics to help when a member of the school community dies. Check it out here: ...Read more

   Suicide Bereavement Training for Derby & Derbyshire – FREE ONLINE

NB: Joined Up Care Derbyshire have commissioned Harmless to deliver half day Suicide Bereavement training sessions online for staff and volunteers from a broad range of statutory, community and voluntary sector organisations, working within Derbyshire county and Ci...Read more

   Supporting bereaved children and young people with SEN

The Child Bereavement Network has collated a helpful list of potential reading available to anyone who is looking to support a child with SEN who has suffered a bereavement. You can download it here: ...Read more

   World Suicide Prevention Day

Organised by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP), World Suicide Prevention Day brings together a wide-range of charities and organisations from right across the globe on the 10th of September every year to raise awareness and help prevent premature deaths by suicide....Read more

   Youth Mental Health Day September 22nd

NB: #YMHD#ConnectMeaningfully This year’s Youth Mental Health Day will focus on the importance of  building and maintaining meaningful connections and relationships.  For further information, classroom resource...Read more