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Exam Stress Support

Reducing barriers to learning.

Tests and exams can be a challenging part of school life for children and young people, as well as their parents or carers (and teachers!). Stresses about exams can affect young people’s ability to sleep, trigger anxiety attacks, depression and tearfulness and even eating disorders. In some cases it also led to self-harm and suicidal feelings.

But there are ways to ease the stress.

We've compiled some different tools, resources and ideas that you can use to help children and young people who are experiencing exam stress.

   ‘Chill Skills’ (for KS1 & 2)

Below are some 'Chill Skills' designed to help children and young people overcome stresses by engaging in specific activities, some physical and some mental. Try them out! Fizzy Lemonade - Jump up and down or shake your body as fast as you can for as...Read more

   Help your Child beat exam stress – The NHS

The NHS has put together this very handy list of resources, tips, hints, and information designed to help parents, carers and teachers minimize the risk of exam stress. Check it out here: 'Help y...Read more

   Revision Hacks

Childline have put together this under 4 minute video exploring some tips, hints and trips about how to manage revision in the run up to exams. (This video is most appropriate for Secondary school age children and young people) ...Read more

   Six Tips to Managing Exam Stress

Childline have put together this under 5 minute video exploring six tips to managing exam stress. You can check it out here: ...Read more

   Upcoming training opportunities

Kooth: Overcoming Mental Health Stigma in Muslim Communities (45 mins online – Monday 25th March 10am, Thursday 28th March, 1pm or option to be sent resources and recording of the session) ...Read more