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Reducing barriers to learning.

To be mindful, and to engage in a mindfulness, can be beneficial for pupils and teachers respectively. For pupils, it can encourage them to connect more with the world around them, help them to become more open with their peers and community, and instill them with important values such as empathy and compassion.

In particular, engaging in mindfulness in a meaningful way can provide children and young people with the tools necessary to develop into emotionally mature and sophisticated adults in later life.

This section brings together some tools, resources and activities that can help children and young people engage in mindfulness.

   60 Mindful Minutes

This programme, designed by NutureUK, was put together to support children and young people within both the mainstream classroom context and nurture group setting. The key aim is to introduce and practice mindfulness, which increases children’s life skills by supporting them in developing th...Read more

   Guided Meditation for Children

Annaka Harris, author of the New York Times bestseller CONSCIOUS: A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind (HarperCollins, June 2019), has put together a free to access and comprehensive set of mindfulness activities designed for children and young people....Read more

   Kids Mindfulness: Calm Compliation

This video compilation is a series of calming mindfulness stories (with activities) put together for children and young people by the people behind the My.Life mindfulness app, available for free on YouTube. Check it out here: ...Read more