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Reducing barriers to learning.

It is important to notice children’s strengths and talk about them openly. Perhaps they are enthusiastic, creative or curious? If you focus on these things, their strengths are likely to increase and their weaknesses may become less obvious.

Some children will find it difficult to learn to read and write, but every child has the potential to develop their character strengths. These include the use of their sense of humour, a keen sense of bravery, an innate ability to be kind, or to be more grateful.

This section contains some information, support and tools on how to help children and young people develop and reinforce their self-esteem.

   ‘Blue Chameleon’

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   ‘Create Your Own Happy’

This illustrated activity book empowers children to shape their lives, and the lives of others around them, by taking practical, positive steps towards their own happiness and positive self esteem! Discover everything happy with this interactive, fun activity book! From speaking in front of your...Read more

   ‘My Hidden Chimp’

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   VIA Strengths Survey for Children

Children and young people aged 10-17 can complete a dedicated youth version of a recognised strengths test which was developed the University of Pennsylvania in the US. It will take around 45 minutes to complete and answer all the questions, and you will need to sign-up to the site for a...Read more