Reducing barriers to learning.

How to help pupils to develop their strengths -

Notice children’s strengths and talk about them. Perhaps they are enthusiastic, creative or curious. If you focus on these things, their strengths are likely to increase and their weaknesses may become less obvious.

Some children will find it difficult to learn to read and write. But every child has the potential to develop their character strengths, for example, to use their sense of humour, to be braver, to be kinder or to be more grateful.

Young people aged 10-17 years can do the youth version of the strengths test here - click on “VIA Strength Survey for Children”. It will take them about 45 minutes to answer all the questions. Then they will get a rating of their top 5 strengths which are called ‘signature’ strengths.

Discuss their top five strengths with them -

Ask them to think about whether they agree that these are their top 5. Ensure their understanding of these strengths by asking for examples of when they use each one in their lives.