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Why Celebrate?

Reducing barriers to learning.

Why Celebrate?

In the current climate of time and workload pressures in schools, it can often be too easy to finish one project or intervention and dive headlong into the next.

If we are not careful, this ‘endless treadmill’ can take the joy out of life and leave us feeling at the least unmotivated and at the worst stressed and burnt out, affecting not just the quality of our work but our own emotional and mental health also. It is important to build in time, where we can take a breath, reflect and celebrate our achievements - which, when we really think about it, far outweigh our disappointments!

This way, celebration becomes part of our whole school ethos that in turn promotes emotional and mental health.

It’s also important to spend time with pupils in receipt of interventions, not just measuring progress but also celebrating the positive impact on the child or young person – raising their awareness of how life, learning or relationships have improved for the better. This approach can re-enforce essential resilience factors (see table in the Identify Section) by:

  • helping them to recognise and value their experience of success and achievement
  • developing their capacity to reflect
  • developing problem-solving skills and positive attitude
  • strengthening their experience of self-efficacy by valuing their participation