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Quick Questions – Are they at risk?

The below list of questions can help anyone in the school community quickly contextualize whether or not a pupil in their care may be at risk of self-harm. Check them out here:

Please be aware that this is by no means an extensive list

  • Is the child/adolescent being bullied?
  • Do you know if they've suffered any other abuse?
  • Do you know if they've experienced a bereavement?
  • Are they in conflict with parents or other family members?
  • Do they or their parents/carers have a chronic illness, disability or mental health problem?
  • Are they subject to high expectations?
  • Are they worried about school work?
  • Do they have problems with race, culture or religion?
  • Are they afraid or ashamed of their sexuality?
  • Is there a possibility they are pregnant?
  • Have they experienced the self-harm or suicide of someone else?
  • Are they feeling isolated or low in self-esteem?