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‘My Class’ Survey

This sociometric survey asks children to nominate three classmates with whom they most like to play/spend free time and three classmates with whom they least like to play/spend free time. In Key Stage 2 and above the survey also asks pupils to make nominations of peers for a number of behavioural characteristics: co-operative, disruptive, shy, starts fights, and leader.

Children are provided with a brief explanation of each characteristic.

The numbers of most-like and least-like nominations received by pupils are compiled and standardised within the class to produce a sociogram, which is a visual representation of interpersonal relationships within the class group. It is often a useful starting point for identifying and addressing the social and emotional needs of pupils. The sociogram reveals the peer group dynamics of a class or other pupil groups in a visual and accessible way and is a valuable tool to help school staff identify those children who are isolated and/or actively rejected by their peers. Isolation and rejection by peers can often be an early indicator of issues that may increase the likelihood of the child developing mental health issues.