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(5) Review

Have the goals set been achieved? How do you know? (e.g. revisit the assessment tool). What is/are the pupil’s/parent/carer’s view/ views of the provision provided? What was effective, what could be improved? What are the pupil’s needs now? What are the next steps? (Referral to more specialist services e.g. CAMHS, Educational Psychologist, First Steps, Derbyshire […]

(4) Provide

What are you trying to achieve? What are your goals? Have they been set with the pupil/parent/carer? Are they realistic? Who is delivering the intervention/support? Are they trained/the right person? Do they feel confident/ equipped? Have you set a review date? How are some of the principles/strategies transferred consistently to the learning environment? How do […]

(3) Assess

What information has been used to provide an holistic view of the pupil’s needs? (Academic attainment, teacher assessment, observations, friendships, other agencies, parents/carers, pupil voice, family situation, medical history, etc.) Has there been a personalised approach to find out what the pupil needs? Is it suitable to use an evidence based tool to assess the […]

(2) Identify

How has the school identified that this pupil needs extra support/interventions? (e.g. observation, disclosure, behaviour, grades, attendance, family situation, etc.). Have you spoken to the pupil/parent/carer to find out their views? Have you spoken to other services or agencies? (e.g. Social Care, MAT, Virtual School, Educational Psychologist, Behaviour Support, SSSEN, Nurture, etc.) Does a referral […]