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#Mentalhealthawarenessweek – Virtual Get Togethers and Fun!

Don’t forget that this week is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek with a theme of #Kindness. Over the weekend don’t forget to try this handy list of fun ideas for virtual fundraising and get togethers from the Mental Health Foundation who sponsor and run the week itself:

Support for Staff

The government mental health and wellbeing guidance for COVID-19 is packed full of information and support for staff as well as for families. Please also head to our Staff Zone for support, including the NHS ‘Every Mind Matters’ website, which has guidance, support and information, including referral pathways for anyone affected by the current climate.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Parental or caregiver substance misuse is one of the indirect ACEs, that can have serious adverse effects on a child or young person. There are links between ACEs and the development of harmful behaviours and also physical and mental ill health in later life. For more information on ACEs and other risk factors, click here.

Spotting the symptoms

The following list of potential symptoms is not exhaustive, but can be used with staff to start a conversation about what they might notice in the classroom. Mood changes – look for signs of withdrawal that last at least two weeks or severe mood swings that are causing problems in relationships with peers. Intense feelings […]

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

ACEs are linked to long-term impacts on an individual’s health, wellbeing and life chances. A growing body of research is revealing the extent to which experiences and events during childhood, such as abuse, neglect and dysfunctional home environments, are associated with the development of a wide range of harmful behaviours including smoking, harmful alcohol use, […]