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Review & Celebrate

how the provision is meeting the pupils’ needs, identifying the next steps and celebrating successes.

Provision for any one pupil could take a range of forms: it may be universal, class room based, one to one, ongoing, time limited, intensive, involving many professionals and agencies – no one size fits all. Whatever the approach, it is easier to measure its effectiveness when we are clear about what we want to achieve and have developed some clearly defined success criteria by which to measure it.

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   Derby is the first City to have a Mental Health leader in every School

The Emotionally Healthy Schools programme, which was led by Redwood Primary School in Sinfin and funded by the Derby Opportunity Area, was launched to create a Mental Health Local Offer that brings all sources of support and information into one place for schools. Speaking about the pr...Read more

   External Agency Support

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   Final Project Report

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   Get your pupils involved in the National Thank a Teacher Day celebrations!

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