Staff Health and Wellbeing

By enhancing staff mental health and wellbeing, schools will be investing in their future by increasing staff retention rates and ensuring a consistent teaching experience for children and young people.

Something to try...

The experience of happiness rises if you, once a day, write down, draw or tell 3 good things about yourself and your life - big or small. It could be thoughts, experiences or actions. You have to do it every day at the end of the day for at least a month in order to feel the effect, and the longer you keep on, the better the effect.

   Do you know about the 5 Ways to Wellbeing?

There are simple ways that we can all use to make a difference to the way we feel, think and react to life’s ups and downs.

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing are tried and tested actions to improve both mental and physical wellbeing. It takes a bit of practice to build them into your life, but they are fun and these small changes can make a real difference. (Elaine Michel, Director of Public Health)

The ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ are to ‘Connect’, ‘Be Active’, ‘Take Notice’,’Keep Learning’ and ‘Give’.

Explore the 5 ways with children, young people, parents/carers and staff. Share ideas and think about the simple ways to support positive mental wellbeing.

   Questions for school leaders and governors
  • Are all our staff trained to understand the emotional development of children and young people and how this affects their learning?
  • Have we sought to discover the needs of our staff in terms of their own EHWB?
  • Are our staff confident and competent in using a range of learning and teaching strategies that promote social and emotional skills and enhance the EHWB of our children and young people?
  • Is extra support available and accessible to those members of staff working with the most vulnerable or challenging children and young people?
  • Do we run training days where our staff can explore EHWB related topics such as relaxation, stress management and problem solving in order to promote the support that staff can access?
  • Do we make good use of local and national CPD opportunities for all staff in teaching EHWB related issues?
  • Are governors invited and encouraged to take part in whole school CPD on EHWB related issues?