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Bullying, being a bully and also being a bystander can have serious effects on the health of children and young people.

Being bullied can make victims feel miserable. It can affect their confidence and destroy their sense of security. It can also affect attendance and progress at school.

   10 tips for overcoming bullying

Ditch The Label have put together a useful set of their "Top 10 tips for overcoming bullying" and its a very helpful resource for any young person currently experiencing bullying. Check it out here: ...Read more

   50 tips to rebuilding confidence after bullying

Things like self-esteem and confidence take the biggest knock as a result of bullying. Ditch The Label have put together an extensive list of tips and hints designed to help children and young people repair their confidence after experiencing bullying. Check it out here: ...Read more

   7 things you shouldn’t do if you’re being bullied

Ditch The Label have created this short, helpful guide designed to support children and young people in making the correct choices when being bullied by identifying what not to do. Check it out here: ...Read more

   Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

The Anti-Bullying Ambassador programme offers fun, informative and interactive training to young people, staff, and parents to help them tackle bullying in their schools and communities. Their practical ideas, information and top tips leave staff, young people and parents feeling confident, ...Read more

   Bullying and emotional and mental health

...Read more

   Further Reading

NSPCC Report - 'How Safe Are Our Children?' (2019) with additional analysis from the Anti-Bullying Alliance - ...Read more