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Healthy Environment

Every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances.

The first-hand experiences of learning outside the classroom can help to make subjects more vivid and interesting for pupils and enhance their understanding. It can also contribute significantly to pupils’ personal, social and emotional development.

   ‘Pansy Boy’

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   Autism and the Senses

Many people on the autism spectrum have difficulty processing everyday sensory information. Any of the senses may be over or undersensitive, or both, at different times. These sensory differences can affect behaviour, and...Read more

   Connection to Nature Index (CNI)

“Empirical research has demonstrated that nature experiences have a positive influence on children, helping them to develop positive values about nature and increasing psychological well-being.Contact with nature is important for children, is insepar...Read more

   Do pupils in your school understand the importance of sleep?

Sleep problems can be a very serious issue and lack of sleep has been linked to obesity, depression, anxiety and impaired learning. Many pupils have poor sleep patterns and complain about having little or no energy. How is the importance of sleep promoted in your school? Do children and ...Read more

   Forest Schools

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   Healthy Eating

How can a whole school approach to food and health contribute to emotional well-being and mental health? Healthy eating and a balanced diet play a huge role in our Emotional Well-being and Mental Health. Our food/drink choices can affect our mood; weight; concentrati...Read more

   Making learning more memorable

We often hear that there is no time to do outdoor learning because of the pressures of maths, literacy and other curriculum learning, but we should be taking maths, literacy, science, geography, etc. outside. "Research shows that learning outside the ...Read more

   Manifesto for learning outside the classroom

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   Promote a healthy environment

Learning outside the classroom is about raising achievement through an organised, powerful approach to learning in which direct experience is of prime importance. This is not only about what we learn but importantly how and where we learn. It is not an end in itself but rather a vehicle to devel...Read more

   Useful Links

The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom - is the national voice for learning outside the classroom.They believe that every young person (0-19yrs) should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning a...Read more

   What is Wild Time for Schools?

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