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Questions for school leaders and governors

Below are a number of useful questions for School Leaders and Governors to consider when implementing policies, procedures and guidance relating to the emotional and mental health of their staff.

They cover topics are such as Governance, confidence, support, training and a whole school approach.

  1. Are all our staff trained to understand the emotional development of children and young people and how this affects their learning?
  2. Have we sought to discover the needs of our staff in terms of their own EHWB?
  3. Are our staff confident and competent in using a range of learning and teaching strategies that promote social and emotional skills and enhance the EHWB of our children and young people?
  4. Is extra support available and accessible to those members of staff working with the most vulnerable or challenging children and young people?
  5. Do we run training days where our staff can explore EHWB related topics such as relaxation, stress management and problem solving in order to promote the support that staff can access?
  6. Do we make good use of local and national CPD opportunities for all staff in teaching EHWB related issues?
  7. Are Governors invited and encouraged to take part in whole school CPD on EHWB related issues?