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Build Back Childhood A really interesting read: Before the pandemic, a child’s health, wellbeing and life chances were powerfully shaped by the circumstances of their birth. The pandemic has painfully exposed these inequalities, with disadvantaged children falling even further behind their peers in education, and those who were already vulnerable being put at even greater risk.Image The […]

Staff mental health in education toolkit

People are more and more aware of the need to support children, young people and those in education with their mental health. But working in education can have its intense demands and pressures too. Whether in colleges, schools or universities, it’s important to look out for staff and colleagues, and try to make their working environment […]

Workload and Wellbeing Action Plan

Successfully embedding Workload and Wellbeing Action Plans for your staff can be vital in cementing a culture of support in relation to the emotional and mental health of school staff. Effective Workload and Wellbeing Action Plans can be a vehicle for continuous progress, quick identification of issues and long-term embedded support. The below document is […]

Establishing a Wellbeing Committee

Successfully establishing and maintaining an effective Wellbeing Committee can be vital in embedding a culture of support in relation to the emotional and mental health of school staff. An effective Wellbeing committee can be a vehicle for positive change and constructive feedback. The below document is a practical tool document relating to the establishment of […]

Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development

Effective professional development for teachers is a core part of securing effective teaching. It cannot exist in isolation, rather it requires a pervasive culture of scholarship with a shared commitment for teachers to support one another to develop so that pupils benefit from the highest quality teaching. The thousands of professional decisions that must be […]

School Workload Reduction Toolkit

Managing staff workload is a vital strain of any school culture that actively engages with and supports its staffs emotional and mental health. This toolkit is a set of practical resources for school leaders and teachers to help reduce workload, produced by school leaders, teachers and other sector experts together with DfE.

Questions for school leaders and governors

Below are a number of useful questions for School Leaders and Governors to consider when implementing policies, procedures and guidance relating to the emotional and mental health of their staff. They cover topics are such as Governance, confidence, support, training and a whole school approach. Are all our staff trained to understand the emotional development […]