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Monthly Mindfulness

For Derbyshire and Derby City Professionals working with Children and Young People and Council Employees: Friday 30 July 2021 – 14:00 -15:00

Fully funded by NHS Derby and Derbyshire CCG and hosted by Martin Burder from the ‘Art of Brilliance’

Be assured, MINDFULNESS is the oldest happiness trick in a very ancient wellbeing book. With the modern world conspiring against us, it pays to know the basics. How far you decide to take it is then up to you. Right here, right now. The manic pace of the modern world means that people are living life fast, but are we living it well? There’s an argument that the busyness epidemic is damaging our health, sanity and relationships.

What if the solution is not to do more, but to ‘be more’?

MINDFULNESS is the process of being aware of your experience, including your breathing, and being in the moment, right here and right now. It is pure observation practiced with compassion. There’s a saying that you can’t pour from an empty cup, so the rejuvenation process has to start with you.

Think of this monthly webinar as your time out. We want to address your wellbeing pre-emptively and help you attain and maintain your mental wealth. The lessons are for life.

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