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Robin Banerjee’s* Socio-Emotional Profile Questionnaires

Socio-Emotional profile questionnaires are designed to help you gain additional information about a child or young person’s emotional health and well-being, as well as to give a picture of the peer relationships and levels of social acceptance and rejection within a class or tutor group.

There are two types of surveys (with two variations of those dependent on the pupils age) :

  1. 'My Feelings':
    • This questionnaire concerns pupils' social and emotional experiences. Dependent on the pupil's age, they are asked to respond to between 20 & 43 questions covering a range of topics such as:
      • Positive social experiences at school
      • Negative social experiences at school
      • Negative emotions (e.g. feeling sad, worried, or scared) at school
      • Self-perceptions
      • Anxiety, depressive symptoms & sadness

  2. 'My Class':
    • This questionnaire asks pupils, dependent on their age, to nominate peers that they:
      • Most like
      • Least like
      • See as kind and cooperative
      • See as shy
      • See as leaders

Find out more and download free socio-emotional questionnaires from the University of Sussex website here.

*Professor Robin Banerjee is Professor of Developmental Psychology (Psychology, Mental Health Practice) at the University of Sussex and co-editor of the journal Infant and Child Development (Online ISSN: 1522-7219)